Following BTS’s Suga and SNSD’s Hyoyeon, Park Shin-hye posted Hanbok photo amidst Korean-Chinese Hanbok controversy 

Actress Park Shin-hye posted a photo of herself in hanbok.

On February 12th, Park Shin-hye posted a photo of herself in hanbok on her Instagram.

In the photo, Park Shin-hye wrote, “I thought I wore it as much as I wanted when I film “The Royal Tailor,” but it’s still good to wear it.”

She also used the hashtag #hanbok #Koreanraditionalclothes.

Instagram ‘ssinz7’

Fans applauded Park Shin-hye‘s post, which was to confirm that Hanbok belongs to Korea.

Internet users commented, “Your appearance and personality are perfect!”, “You are really elegant and beautiful,” and “You look so good in Hanbok.”

Meanwhile, Hyo-yeon, a member of Girls’ Generation, was terrorized by Chinese netizens for posting hanbok photos on SNS.

Eventually, Hyo-yeon had to close the Instagram comment window.

Park Shin-hye
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