2 BTOB members were fiercely criticized after the scandal of Illhoon 

Knets said they had completely different impressions of BTOB after these incidents.

In December 2020, the Kpop entertainment industry received shocking news when member Ilhoon of the talented group BTOB was summoned by the police to investigate allegations of illegal use of stimulants.  It is known that the male rapper used marijuana with his acquaintances many times for about 4 to 5 years before enlisting in the army in 2020. Cube finally confirmed the incident and Ilhoon officially left BTOB.

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This incident has seriously affected a group that always has a good image in the eyes of Korean netizens like BTOB.  Many people angrily criticized Ilhoon for violating the law, even deliberately illegally using substances for nearly 5 years.

Besides, there are also doubts that the company and BTOB members have covered Ilhoon all the time.  They said that a person who has been addicted to marijuana for a long time will be difficult to hide (through health, body odor, expression).  These doubts once again exploded after members Changsub and Peniel were said to have publicly supported Ilhoon.

Specifically, on January 23, BTOB held an online concert titled ‘2021 BTOB 4U ONLINE CONCERT [INSIDE]’ with the participation of 4 members, Eunkwang, Minhyuk, Changsub, and Peniel.  Hyungsik and Sungjae were not present due to their enlistment, Ilhoon left the group because of a scandal.

During the concert, Changsub repeatedly raised 7 fingers to represent BTOB’s 7-member lineup.  In a statement when Eunkwang emotionally shared, ‘BTOB is forever’, Changsub also raised 7 fingers.

Another time, Changsub acted while holding up 7 fingers, then told the camera, ‘Are you seeing it?’  This is said to be a message from Changsub to the 3 members who were not present, Hyungsik, Sungjae, and Ilhoon.

When taking a commemorative photo at the end of the concert, two members Changsub and Peniel also raised 7 fingers as the affirmation of BTOB’s 7-member lineup.

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Accordingly, Peniel and Chángub certainly have affirmed that no matter what, Ilhoon will always be a part of BTOB.  This was immediately controversial with Knet.  They said that it is right to love and support the members of the group, but BTOB should not support Ilhoon – a person who has broken the law while using marijuana for nearly 5 years.

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Some netizens said that they are extremely disappointed with the personalities of Peniel and Changsub because raising these 7 fingers is the same as saying ‘Ilhoon left the group unjustly so we still support him’.  Others continued to claim that the members of the group covered Ilhoon even though he used banned substances for many years because of their friendship and this 7-member lineup.


Some comments of Knets:

– Crazy, what the hell are they doing?

 – What the hell are the two least popular members doing?

 – Why treat a drug addict like this?

 – I know it’s friendship, but please think about fans and the public.

– They’re stupid. Yook Sungjae, please leave the group!

 – I can no longer trust BTOB’s personality.

– Do they not know how the fans feel when Jung Ilhoon was arrested?

 – What kind of friendship!!!

– BTOB should only do so if Ilhoon was innocent.  But he was an addict, breaking the law for years!  Changsub is crazy!

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