Prosecution sought prison sentence for former girl group member due to false accusations of sexual assault

The prosecution sought a prison sentence for a former girl group member turned BJ, who was handed over to trial due to false accusations of sexual assault

According to legal circles, at the final trial held on Feb 27th by the Seoul Central District Court’s Criminal Division 2 (Judge Park So-jeong), the prosecution demanded a one-year prison sentence for A (24), who was indicted without detention due to false accusations.


A, who worked as a BJ after halting her girl group activities, claimed that she almost fell victim to sexual assault by CEO B of her agency in January last year and filed a complaint with the police accusing B of attempted rape.

When the case was not forwarded for indictment, A filed an objection, and after receiving the case, the prosecution investigated A’s false accusations. According to CCTV footage, after the incident, A was seen leaving the room where she was with B, walking around inside the office and hugging B.

The sentencing date for A is set for March 21st.

Source: Naver

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