Seo Ye-ji, starting a comeback? Sublime “Nothing has been decided”

Will actress Seo Ye-ji and Sublime join hands?

On May 24th, a representative from the agency Sublime told Xports News regarding rumors of an exclusive contract with Seo Ye-ji, “Nothing has been decided yet.”

Previously, in 2021, Seo Ye-ji became embroiled in various controversies, including allegations of gaslighting her ex-boyfriend – actor Kim Jung-hyun, school violence, falsifying academic credentials and mistreating staff.

Her former agency Gold Medalist addressed some of these allegations, either explaining or denying them. In November of last year, Seo Ye-ji’s exclusive contract with Gold Medalist expired.

Last month, Seo Ye-ji opened her personal SNS channel and garnered attention by posting several photos of her recent situation and engaging with her fans.

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