Kim Bum and Shin Hyun-bin won Top Excellence Award at the 2022 Korea Drama Awards

Kim Bum and Shin Hyun-bin were honored with Top Excellence Award at this year’s Korea Drama Awards.

Actor Kim Bum and actress Shin Hyun-bin were named the winners of Top Excellence Award at the 2022 Korea Drama Awards, which was held at the Grand Theater of Gyeongnam Culture and Arts Center in Jinju city, Gyeongnam on the evening of October 8th. 

kim bum

Receiving the award for his performance in tvN’s drama “Ghost Doctor”, Kim Bum said, “There were times when I felt a little exhausted and wanted to run away. I used to spend my time in a meaningless way because I had nowhere to run away but didn’t have the courage to give up. I think this award has comforted me that I didn’t waste those times”, expressing his feelings.

He continued, “I am walking down this road very happily right now.” “Even if today’s day isn’t special, even if it’s not flashy, even if it’s a boring day of daily life, it doesn’t seem meaningless. Thank you to the staff and actors who made today special. Thank you to the fans who supported me all my time,” he said.

Shin Hyun-bin’s agency received the award on her behalf due to her filming schedule.

The ‘2022 Korea Drama Festival (KDF)’ will be held at the Gyeongnam Culture and Arts Center and the Namgang River in Jangdae-dong until the 3rd of next month, starting with the ‘Korea Drama Awards’ on this day.

Source: daum

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