10,000 NewJeans fans submit petition “Min Hee-jin cannot be fired”

As the dispute between HYBE and ADOR CEO Min Hee-jin continues, 10,000 NewJeans fans submitted a petition to the court opposing CEO Min's dismissal

At around 3 PM today (May 24th), 10,000 members of NewJeans’ fandom “Bunnies” submitted the petition to Civil Division 50 of the Seoul Central District Court.

newjeans illit

In the petition, fans wrote, “We understand that until there is a final legal conclusion regarding any alleged illegal actions by Min Hee-jin, the contractual terms between the parties should be respected, and Min Hee-jin’s position should be maintained. This is also the wish of NewJeans members, which aligns with our intention to support NewJeans.”

The petition reached its goal of 10,000 participants about 16 hours after fans began collecting signatures the previous day.

HYBE is pushing for CEO Min’s dismissal, claiming that she attempted to seize control of ADOR. ADOR’s extraordinary shareholders’ meeting to address this is scheduled for May 31st.

In response, CEO Min filed an injunction to prohibit the exercise of voting rights at the meeting.

The result of the injunction is expected to be announced next week, prior to the extraordinary shareholders’ meeting.

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