Seungri’s Burning Sun: VIPs Paid $75,000 on Rooms for R*pe, with the Horrifying “Red Room” Exposed

BBC has exposed the rooms inside the notorious Burning Sun club

On May 19th, the BBC World Service investigative team released a documentary titled Burning Sun: Exposing the Secret Kpop Chat Groups. The hour-long video uncovers the shocking Burning Sun scandal and the KakaoTalk chat group involving Seungri (former member of BIGBANG), Jung Joon Young, Choi Jong Hoon, and others from 2019.

BBC not only accused Burning Sun of being a brothel and a hotspot for filming illegal obscene videos, drug abuse, and sexual violence, but it also revealed, for the first time, the rooms inside this notorious nightclub that the public had not seen before.

Burning Sun victim suddenly asked Hyoyeon

VIP Room – The Room That Costs $75,000 to Book

At Burning Sun’s VIP room, VIP guests paid up to $75,000 to book a table. Reporter Ko Eun Sang revealed: “Dozens of girls walked in, lit fireworks, and cheered for the customers with a sign stating that this was the person who bought the $75,000 package. Because VIPs had to pay so much, they always asked, ‘What pleasure can you bring me in return?’ So they started creating secret spaces exclusively for VIPs, and this is where they could request to bring attractive female guests from the dance floor to them.”


An employee who worked at Burning Sun said, “To attract male customers, the staff secretly took photos of beautiful drunk women without their permission and sent them to male VIP customers.”

Secret Room: Where Female Guests Were Drugged and Raped, Victims Recount Horrifying Experiences

Deeper inside Burning Sun was a secret room guarded by numerous security personnel to ensure that VIPs could do whatever they wanted inside. It was here that female guests were injected with GHB – the date rape drug – and raped.

The Red Room-burning-sun

A Burning Sun employee told BBC: “GHB was used a lot. Usually, customers used it in the secret room. It was deep inside the club and had many guards outside. No matter what happened inside, no one could hear it. Almost every day, I saw women unconscious after being injected with GHB at Burning Sun.”

Reporter Ko Eun Sang added, “A VIP customer I met told me that if a VIP chose a woman and said, ‘Bring that woman to me,’ they would do anything to make the woman unconscious. Then the VIP would take her to a hotel or take a cab to another location.”

In BBC’s documentary, a victim recounted her story: “When we went to Burning Sun, we booked a private table for ourselves with all women. After I drank one or two glasses of wine, I went to the bathroom and told my friend, ‘I feel very strange today, got drunk very quickly, I think I shouldn’t drink anymore.’ Then we returned to our place. But suddenly, I found myself waking up on a hotel bed with the man who had given me the drink at Burning Sun.

He came over and undressed me. I tried to scream, but he covered my mouth. I tried not to be attacked, but he sat on me. Because I was screaming, he covered my mouth with both hands. He kept pushing and pressing so I couldn’t breathe. My mouth hurt a lot, and because he sat on me, my ribs also hurt.

I felt like he was going to kill me. I was in so much pain, but he didn’t stop. So I gave up and just lay there. Then I grabbed a trash can, vomited, and knelt down to beg him. I begged him to let me go home, I said I missed my mom a lot. I cried and begged. He said he would let me go if I took a photo. He made me smile, but I couldn’t do it. I agreed to take the photo and then ran out, but my memories from then are very vague.”

The Red Room – Where Depraved Acts Were Filmed and Posted on Pornographic Websites

BBC revealed that Burning Sun had a room called the “Red Room.” This is where female customers were raped and the acts were spread on various pornographic websites while the club was still operational. Particularly, videos of women being drugged and raped were filmed in this room.

The Red Room-burning-sun
The Red Room-burning-sun
The Red Room-burning-sun

A Burning Sun employee told BBC: “An employee told me that a VIP customer went into that room and asked to film a video together. They filmed together, but now that video has spread everywhere. He was worried it could become a problem. In the video, the girl’s face was soulless and she was completely naked. Because there were so many videos and images like that being filmed and shared, at that time, I didn’t think it was a big issue.”

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