Seungri is Opening a Club in Cambodia, Investment Already Completed?

A source close to Seungri claimed that the former male idol is opening a club in Cambodia and has already completed the investment.

On May 23rd, a source close to Seungri in Thailand stated that the former BIGBANG member is in the process of opening a club in Cambodia and has completed the investment for the club acquisition.

In January 2020, Seungri was found guilty of nine charges, including procuring prostitution, filming using cameras under the Prostitution Punishment Act, habitual gambling, and violating the Foreign Exchange Transactions Act. In May 2022, the Supreme Court confirmed his sentence of 1 year and 6 months in prison.


After serving his sentence at Yeoju Prison, Seungri was released upon completion of his term on February 9th last year.

Earlier, Hong Kong media reported that despite the “Burning Sun Scandal”, Seungri had purchased a luxury house in Hong Kong and was planning to open a club.

In response, the Hong Kong government stated that they will approve only eligible applicants when processing talent employment visa applications according to established procedures.

Ass Hong Kong media have focused on Seungri being a core perpetrator involved in the “Burning Sun” incident, emphasizing this over his success as a K-pop artist from BIGBANG, public criticism has been spreading rapidly.

The reason for the renewed attention on Seungri’s current activities is the release of a documentary by the British BBC, which reexamines the “Burning Sun” scandal.

In particular, on May 19th, BBC released a documentary about “Burning Sun” on its YouTube channel. The documentary covers the story of the reporters who investigated the Burning Sun scandal that surfaced in 2018, including victim interviews and previously unreleased footage of Seungri and other perpetrators.

A footage from this documentary shows Seungri pulling the arm of a woman who could not properly control herself and shouting, “Be quiet! Follow me!” while boasting about being a member of ‘BIGBANG.’

The video has garnered nearly 7 million views and 32,000 comments within five days of its release, drawing significant attention.

Source: Daum

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