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Producer of “Street Man Fighter”: “BoA did a good job at judging”

Mnet’s “Street Man Fighter” producer Choi Jung-nam responded to the controversy over the Fight Judge’s line-up.

When asked about the topic at an interview at a cafe near CJ ENM in Sangam-dong, Mapo-gu, Seoul on Oct 5th, Choi said, “I think the three judges (BoA, Woo-young, and Eun-hyuk) can cover up that missing part of a professional dancer in the judging process.” Asked if she had considered including dancers in the Fight Judge line-up, she replied, “We have talked about this during the meeting, and have come to the final conclusion that the current three people will be the judges.”

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She continued, “BoA received respect from dancers for her battle screening during ‘Street Woman Fighter‘ last year,” adding, “I asked her to appear again because I thought she would be the balance point.”

As for Woo-young, she said, “He is not a dancer, but we cast him because he knows well about the street dance scene and has experience in battle scenes.” In addition, regarding the reason for recruiting Eun-hyuk, she said, “I thought that he should be included in the judging panel because he is a member who dances well in Super Junior and also directs their concert choreography.”

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In the fifth episode of “Street Man Fighter”, which aired on Sep 20th, Prime Kingz, who lost to Bank Two Brothers in an elimination battle after the global K-dance mission, became the first elimination crew. After the broadcast, some viewers posted malicious comments and questioned the judging abilities of BoA, Eun-hyuk, and Woo-young.

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Regarding the strong criticism against BoA, PD Choi said, “I was upset about the controversy over the judges,” adding, “I think BoA said a lot of good things through the review and her review was accurate. I think that part was not properly conveyed due to the production team’s editing. We will make every effort to prevent misunderstandings caused by the screening of the judges in the future.”

Street Man fighter” airs every Tuesday night at 10:20 p.m. The program, which was planned for 10 episodes, has aired until the sixth episode.

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