Produce 101 song resurfaced after its producer announced his marriage with the Taiwanese actress he dated 20 years ago

Do you know that singer Koo Joon-yeop got married to Taiwanese actress Barbie Hsu?

Goo Jun-yeop-Seo Hee-won

Koo Joon-yeop said on Instagram on March 8th, “I’m getting married. I’m going to tie the knot with the woman I loved 20 years ago,” he said.  

The two recently completed their marriage registration in Korea. It is reported that they are currently living together. 


This news has become a hot topic in China and Korea. In particular, as the story that they were lovers more than 20 years ago became known, there was a series of responses saying, “It’s a movie-like ending.” 

Applause is coming to the couple who have made courageous decisions even after a long time apart.

Among them, unexpected celebrations were shown on YouTube and other sites. The song “24 Hours” from the Mnet show Produce 101 Season 1,” which Koo Joon-yeop produced under the nickname DJ KOO, is back in the spotlight. 

“24 Hours” is a song that has drawn attention with addictive melodies and exciting dances done by the trainees. At that time, it was loved so much that it was called the “song banned during CSAT period.”

Many netizens are watching the video of the song again to celebrate his marriage.  

In the YouTube comments section, there were posts such as “I came to celebrate Koo Jun-yeop’s marriage,” “DJ Koo, be happy,” and “Maybe it’s a rare masterpiece.” 

Produce 101 Season 1-24 hours-Goo Jun-yeop

As Koo Joon-yeop‘s production ability is reevaluated, attention is also being paid to his future activities. 

Meanwhile, Barbie Hsu became popular after playing Shan Cai, the heroine of the Taiwanese version of “Boys Over Flowers.”

Koo Joon-yeop was a former member of Clon and enjoyed great popularity in Asia in the 1990s.

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