Premarital pregnancy between minor woman and adult man… Drinking and returning home at 7 AM (Teenage Parents 2)

A “teenage mom” who was pregnant and gave birth at the age of 19 shocked everyone by returning home at 7 AM.

MBN’s “Teenage Parents 2” unveiled a pre-released video titled “A teenage mom who leaves her child and plays all night until morning!?” for the Dec 6th broadcast.

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In the pre-released video, 21-year-old Park Eun Ji returned home at 7 AM. Seeing this, Park Mi Sun doubted, “She returns home now? She stayed up all night playing? No way.”

teenage mother

Park Eun Ji appeared and introduced herself as “a 21-year-old girl who got pregnant and became a mother at the age of 19“. She explained the reason for returning home late, “I play normally like those who are in their 20s. I went to karaoke, ate, drank then came home.” Park Mi Sun was surprised, “A baby’s mother plays all night? It’s awesome.”

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Park Eun Ji became pregnant and married 30-year-old Mo Joon Min at the age of 19. The fact that it was premarital pregnancy between a minor woman and an adult man caused negative reactions.

Source: Daum

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