Autumn small screen, idol-turned-actors’ counterattack

In the fall, a large number of idol-turned-actors will appear on the small screen.

The actors in their 20s who led dramas in the first half of 2022 were child actors or those who became actors after majoring in acting. There were also many who developed their acting skills through independent films and plays.

They were “Our Beloved Summer” Kim Da-mi, “Forecasting Love and Weather” Song Kang, “Little Women” Nam Ji-hyun, “The Law Cafe” Lee Se-young, “My Liberation Notes” Kim Ji-won, “The Sound of Magic” Choi Sung-eun…

Behind them, the activities of idol-turned-actors, who had previously served as a major supply and demand channel for actors in their 20s, were relatively inconspicuous. You can see a large number of them this fall.

The Golden Spoon

In MBC’s Friday-Saturday drama “The Golden Spoon“, three idol-turned-actors appear as the core. BTOB Yook Sung-jae, DIA Jung Chae-yeon and former Momoland member Yeonwoo are the main characters. They play the roles of Lee Seung-cheon, a student who dreams of turning his life around with a golden spoon, Na Joo-hee, the daughter of a conglomerate family who has a sense of justice and candid charm, and Oh Yeo-jin, who grew up in a wealthy family and has a pretty appearance and a bold personality.

Yook Sung-jae has already established himself as an actor since the days of “Guardian: The Lonely and Great God” and Jung Chae-yeon’s value has soared since “The King’s Affection” last year. Yeonwoo also settled with the intellectual image through “Cheat on Me If You Can” and “Dali and Cocky Prince”.

tvN’s Friday-Saturday drama “Blind” stars Ok Taec-yeon and Jung Eun-ji, who are considered veterans among idol-turned-actors. They play detective Ryu Sung-joon and social worker Jo Eun-gi, respectively.


As both Ok Taec-yeon and Jung Eun-ji appeared in works with strong comic touch such as “Secret Royal Inspector & Joy” and “Work Later, Drink Now”, attention is focused on their dark and heavy acting this time.

Former fromis_9 member Jang Gyu-ri will challenge terrestrial dramas in earnest through SBS’ “Cheer Up. In the first Korean drama set in the backdrop of a cheering squad, Jang Gyu-ri plays Tae Cho-hee, “cool and pretty” vice president of Yonhee University Cheerleader Club.

Jang Gyu-ri, who made her traditional drama debut through “It’s Okay to Not Be Okay” (2020) from fromis_9 days, chose an approach that could take advantage of the strength of mastering choreography during her girl group days. This is expected to be of great help to her acting soft landing.

Former IZ*ONE member Kang Hye-won was cast as Yoon Bo-mi, who studies well and has an outstanding appearance, in wavve’s original drama “Seasons of Blossom”. Kang Hye-won, who started her acting career in 2021, began her most hurried steps as an actress after IZ*ONE’s disbandment.

In the second half of the year, idol-turned-actors chose a safe way to approach their peers’ emotions by playing students, except for Ok Taec-yeon and Jung Eun-ji. This is because in an environment where acting skills cannot be easily strengthened, if you believe in popularity and try to play a role that requires individuality or acting skills, you can get embroiled in controversy over your acting ability.

It remains to be seen whether their performances will serve as priming water to open the heyday of singer-turned-actors.

Source: Daum

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