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She’s pretty enough to be a girl group member… Pregnancy at the age of 19 -> Divorce due to violence and affairs!

Lee Jung-ah, who was about to graduate from high school and got pregnant at the age of 19, appeared on MBN’s entertainment show “Teenage Parents 2”, which aired on Oct 25th.

Lee became pregnant after 4 months of dating her boyfriend, an aspiring songwriter.

High Schooling Mom 2

They faced strong opposition from their parents, but Lee decided to give birth after hearing the baby’s heartbeat.

However, Lee had a hard time living in her husband’s house at the age of 20. Her husband usually left home to hang out with friends and Lee suffered from her mother-in-law’s neglect and verbal abuse.

In addition, Lee’s husband assaulted her as well as had affairs with other women. He even forced her to divorce.

Lee, who endured because of her child, was pregnant with her second baby in this situation. However, she was hit by a baby bathtub and suffered a miscarriage.

On this day, 24-year-old Lee Jung-ah, who gave birth to a child at the age of 19, appeared in the studio.

Lee, who now raises her 5-year-old son alone, said with a bright smile, “I divorced in January last year. I’m currently living with my son.”

High Schooling Mom 2

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