“Cultwo Show” on Lee Kyung Sil’s ‘sexual harassment’ remark about Lee Je Hoon, “We immediately edited out the scene to avoid risks”

“Cultwo Show” responded to the controversy over Lee Kyung Sil’s remark about Lee Je Hoon.

On February 17th, SBS PowerFM’s “Cultwo Show” featured “Taxi Driver 2” actors Lee Je Hoon and Pyo Ye Jin as guests and comedian Lee Kyung Sil as a special DJ.

lee je hoon

On the broadcast, Lee Kyung Sil saw the still cuts showing Lee Je Hoon taking off his top. She commented, “Do you see the deep line between his chest bones? If you drop water on Lee Je Hoon’s muscles and drink it, it would become mineral water.”

No one at the filming set of “Cultwo Show” raised issues about the remark, but some radio listeners expressed their discomfort and accused Lee Kyung Sil of sexual harassment.


On February 20th, an official from “Cultwo Show” said to TV Report, “When listening to the real-time broadcast, I thought ‘This remark doesn’t suit people nowadays’. The radio video was released directly through the online channel after the broadcast. But we already edited Lee Kyung Sil’s comment”.

They continued, “We’ve never heard any complaint from Lee Je Hoon’s side that he was uncomfortable with the remark. However, we deleted the remark from the radio to avoid risks. I think we’ve done everything we can.”

lee je hoon

On February 19th, SBS deleted the visible radio video of the controversial “Cultwo Show” broadcast uploaded on February 17th. The relay released 1-2 days after the live broadcast did not disclose the controversial part. On February 20th, Maeil Business reported that a netizen filed a complaint with the police against Lee Kyung Sil on charges of obscene use of media. 

Source: daum

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