ITZY Lia Takes a Break from Activities Due to Health Concerns, Fans Believe Here’s the Reason

ITZY’s Lia, who faced controversies over her dance skills, has announced a temporary hiatus

On September 18th, JYP Entertainment released an official statement that reads, “Lia is experiencing extreme tension and anxiety regarding her schedule and has received medical advice that she needs rest and treatment.” JYP added that Lia would take a break and focus on her treatment.

Fans believe that Lia has been suffering from tension and anxiety partly due to severe online criticism and malicious comments targeting her.

Previously, Lia had been embroiled in controversies over what some perceived as lacking dance skills. It started in December 2020 during the SBS Gayo Daejeon in Daegu music festival, where ITZY performed a remake of T-ara’s ‘Roly Poly.’

During that performance, Lia made several mistakes, including dancing out of sync with the other members and doing different hand movements.

Subsequently, a video focusing only on Lia’s parts was quickly edited and spread online.

itzy lia

As the controversy arose, netizens started paying more attention to Lia’s dancing skills during ITZY’s comebacks, leading to an influx of malicious comments.

Another controversy emerged in March of this year. During a performance of ‘Cheshire,’ Lia struggled to keep up with the rhythm. She appeared unsure of her positioning and made mistakes on stage. Once again, this performance led to numerous hate comments aimed at Lia.

Whether these controversies were a result of Lia struggling with her activities while already feeling overwhelmed or whether her dance skills were indeed lacking is unclear. However, it is undeniable that the excessively malicious comments took a toll on her.

itzy lia

ITZY fans acknowledge that Lia may have some shortcomings in her dance skills. However, they are against the vicious criticism from netizens that has gone too far. 

To inform fans of her status, Lia has also written a letter.

She said, “It has been an incredibly precious time, but in my pursuit, I lost sight of myself.” She expressed the need to take some time and learn to love and fill herself up. She concluded by promising to return in good health.

Source: Insight

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