Pledis Notorious for “Ruining Artists”, Nana Rouses Worries with Renewal

This is the 4th time Nana has renewed her contract with Pledis Entertainment, but fans are showing worries

Nana, who originally debuted as a member of girl group After School, has renewed her contract with Pledis Entertainment for the 4th time. While it’s not uncommon for a celebrity to stay with their original agency, Nana’s 4 renewals is one of a kind. 

Regarding the contract renewal of Nana, Pledis issued an official statement which said, “Our contract with Nana has been renewed based on the long-term trust we have built with respect for each other. We will continue to provide full support for Nana so that she can focus on her acting activities, such as taking more challenges and developing herself further. We hope that fans will keep showing generous love and interest for Nana”. 


In response to this news, many netizens expressed admiration for Nana’s “loyalty”, leaving comments such as “So, Nana is the only one from After School who stayed with Pledis?” and “Is this the 4th time already? It feels like other companies are actively pursuing her, but she chooses to stay. That’s great”,

At the same time, some wonder if Pledis treats its artists well, since Nana and SEVENTEEN both renewed their contracts for a long time. 

However, a fair share of netizens actually showed worries, pointing out that Pledis is actually notorious for bad management, promotion, and “ruining artists”.

For instance, Pledis’s first boy group, NU’EST, was considered a promising group at their debut, even on par with EXO. However, under Pledis’s poor management, NU’EST gradually faded in the music market, to the point where they had to participate in the survival show “Produce 101 Season 2” to regain their glory. 

There was also the sudden disbandment of PRISTIN, a girl group full of potential under Pledis, who even won Best New Artist – Female at the 2017 MAMA. 

Even the original group of Nana, After School, had its activities “frozen” for 10 years without any official announcement of disbandment, with Nana being the only member who remains in the agency.

NU’EST’s popularity plummeted after debut due to poor promotion and management
Despite gathering quite the attention, PRISTIN suddenly disbanded
after school
After School was once a highly popular girl group, only to have activities frozen for years without any official announcement 

On the other hand, Nana became a member of After School in 2009 and quickly gained popularity. She also found success with After School’s sub-unit, Orange Caramel, and was crowned as TC Candler’s “Most Beautiful Faces in the World” for 2 times.

After After School went on an indefinite hiatus as a group, Nana gradually shifted to acting and made an impact with various works, with her most recent one being Netflix’s “Mask Girl”.

Source: K14, Instiz

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