“I also failed a lot”… Han So-hee received a wave of cheering after sharing a meaningful post on SNS 

Actress Han So-hee shared an impressive scene from a movie.

On March 15th, Han So-hee uploaded three photos on Instagram without any captions. In the photos, a scene from the movie “Adult World”, which was released in 2013, was captured.

Han So-hee

The scene in the movie Han So-hee revealed is the part where the female protagonist responds “I also failed a lot” to the male protagonist’s question “What do you think about failure? These days, it seems that all the best are failures.”

In response, the man encouraged her, “Okay, keep failing.” Han So-hee drew attention by uploading the scene where a man sent comfort by saying “It’s okay to fail” to a woman on SNS. Netizens left comments such as “Failure is the mother of success. So-hee, fighting♥”, “I like whatever you do, I love you”, “It’s okay to fail because we are here!”…

Han So-hee

Earlier, Han So-hee‘s mother was accused of committing a fraud of 85 million won. According to Han So-hee‘s agency, her mother Shin used her bank account in the process of borrowing money. Shin opened a bank account when Han So-hee was a minor and used it to borrow money without Han So-hee‘s knowing. Han So-hee said she has no plans to directly repay her mother’s debt.

Han So-hee Soundtrack #1

Han So-hee will appear in Disney+’s original series “Soundtrack #1” that is scheduled to be released on March 23rd. “Soundtrack #1” is a romantic music drama in which two men and women, who have been best friends for 20 years, get to know each other’s feelings while staying in the same house for 2 weeks.

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