Ex-Super Junior Kangin reveals whereabouts while enjoying activities in nature

Former Super Junior member Kangin shared moments of his leisure time on SNS

On September 3rd, Kangin uploaded a video on his SNS account without leaving any comment. 

The released video shows Kangin enjoying snorkeling leisurely. In addition, the photo he posted earlier also drew attention as it shows him going camping in a quiet and peaceful outdoor area.

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In 2009, Kangin was fined for causing a drunk driving accident during his self-reflection period for his assault dispute with a citizen. He later enlisted in the military then made a comeback with Super Junior in the group’s 6th full album “Sexy, Free and Single”. As Kangin got involved in various other controversies later on, he eventually left the group in disgrace in 2019.

In June this year, Kangin mentioned his past activities and apologized, saying “I made too many mistakes and those mistakes prevented me from continuing working. At the age of 26, I should have known that I should have never made such mistakes.”

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He added, “I always feel sorry towards the members. If I were them, I would have resented and hated a member like me, but they actually cared about my future more than I did. I want to thank the members and apologize to them. The company (SM Entertainment) even offered me a contract renewal.”

Source: Nate

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