Han So-hee’s mother accused of committing a fraud of 85 million won, “She used the bank account with her daughter’s real name to borrow money”

It was belatedly known that the mother of actress Han So-hee was accused of fraud.

On March 6th, Youtuber Lee Jin-ho uploaded a video titled, ‘This is so unfair for Han So-hee… The shocking cruel story about her family?’, on his Youtube channel.

Earlier on March 2nd, the media outlet JTBC News reported, “A, the mother of a celebrity, was accused of committing a fraud of 85 million won. A complaint against A was filed on the 25th of last month and A is being investigated”. Accordingly, A borrowed a total of 85 million won from her acquaintance from February 2018 to September 2019, promising that she would pay the acquaintance 2 million won per month, but did not settle the payment properly.

Han So-hee

Regarding the case, Lee Jin-ho said, “The famous celebrity in this case is Han So-hee. Mrs. A is the mother of Han So-hee”.

According to Lee Jin-ho’s claim, not only the mother but Han So-hee was also sued for violating the Electronic Financial Transaction Act. Lee Jin-ho explained, “Han So-hee’s mother used the account with Han So-hee’s real name in the process of borrowing money”, adding, “As A was accused of fraud because she couldn’t pay back the money she borrowed, there is a high possibility that Han So-hee would also be punished for violating the Electronic Financial Transaction Act”.

In an interview with Lee Jin-ho, A said, “I (the mother) opened the bank account because she (Han So-hee) was still a minor at that time. I opened it but Han So-hee lost it. I was keeping the account and there was a time that I couldn’t use my bank account, so I used it for several months”.

Both the accuser and A said that there was a disagreement in the amount of repayment because the loan was not filled out separately. A told Lee Jin-ho, “I borrowed money and tried so hard to earn 55 million won. I want to pay them back”. However, it is said that the other side demanded 100 million won in settlement money.

A continued, “It was my fault. I borrowed money from people but didn’t pay them back properly on time”, adding, “I will work hard to pay back without filing for individual rehabilitation or bankruptcy”.

Han So-hee was embroiled in her mother’s debt struggle in July 2020. At that time, the actress said, “After turning 20, I got to know about my mother’s debt and repaid her debt even before my debut to fulfill my duty as a daughter”, adding, “While contacting with debtors, I found out that my mother borrowed money using my name and my reputation but did not repay them”.

Han So-hee also apologized, saying, “I thought paying off the debt on behalf of her was the only solution. It was my immature judgment and more victims seem to have suffered from that”.

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