Netizens Were Fascinated To Find Out IU And RIIZE’s Anton’s Sister-Brother Relationship

Anton released a video clip of him doing IU’s new song “I stan U” challenge on RIIZE’s official account on February 25th. In the video, Anton is dancing to the lyrics of “Ballad, Disco, Hip Hop, I Don’t care/ Do As You Like” from “I stan U.” In particular, he is showing off his extraordinary sense of humor by wearing costumes and doing movements that match ballad, disco, and hip hop.

IU shared the video clip on her Instagram story, saying, “You’re so professional.” She added crying and clapping emoticons to the story, along with heart emoticons after Anton’s name.


Netizens are happy to witness their friendship, saying they are cute. At the same time, they seem to be re-examining their interactions in the past.

Anton is known to have been known IU before his debut. At the time, he posted a photo of the shoes that IU gifted him, saying, “IU noona, thank you for the shoes.” On the post, IU also commented, “What kind of captured photos is that?”


It seems that they became friends through Yoon Sang, Anton’s father and IU’s big senior. IU also reportedly calls Yoon Sang her “father.” “It turned out that IU’s father and I were the same age. Since knowing that, she been called me father,” Yoon said in an entertainment show with IU in 2011.


Netizens are making playful comments about the fact that both Anton and IU call Yoon Sang “Dad,” such as “Anton and IU are big sister and brother.”

Source: Sports Chosun

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