NMIXX’s Sullyoon Praised for Not Caring about Her Looks?

On February 9, a topic titled “Doesn’t Sullyoon look like she’s not interested in her looks” was published on the Korean forum Pann Nate, drawing over 80,000 views.

NMIXX’s Sullyoon

According to the author of this topic, when they watch NMIXX’s stages, Sullyoon seems to place more importance on vocals and dancings than looks, which makes them like her.

Various netizens also show their agreement in the comment section, basically showering Sullyoon in praise. 

Below are some comments from netizens: 

  • [+120, -3] It feels like her 1st priority is never looks. Sullyoon has this strong ambition when it comes to vocals 
  • [+97, -3] I understand what you mean. It seems that she want her voice to be recognized instead of looks 
  • [+67, -1] To be honest, it’s not that Sullyoon doesn’t care about her looks. Still, the fact that she’s focusing more on her skills is impressive 
  • [+51, -1] I think that NMIXX members in general don’t put much emphasis on their appearance. On stage, they all seem to be ambitious about skills. I think they got influenced since there are many talented members in the group 

Source: Pann Nate

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