Kim Tae-hee’s husband Rain to take legal actions against defamation after being called “cheap”

On January 14th, Rain’s agency, Subprime Artist Agency, said, “We are currently aware that videos produced based on false information related to our artist, Rain, are being distributed indiscriminately.”

The company continued, “We have also confirmed that many posts and comments distributing unconfirmed contents for the purpose of spreading false facts, defamation, personal attacks, and malicious slander.”

bi rain

The agency said, “We will take all possible legal measures against all of the above acts that are damaging our artists, including YouTubers who produce fake news for views and those who process and redistribute these videos.”

The agency stressed that there would be no compromise in the outcome of all legal measures, including civil and criminal ideas.

Finally, the company said, “Subprime Artist Agency will always try to protect its artists.”

bi rain

Earlier, an entertainment reporter-turned-YouTuber posted on his channel a video titled, “Rain is a cheap guy despite making 80 billion won…Why?”

In the video, the YouTuber claimed, “It is true that Rain has a reputation of being cheap. There are witnesses that say he is cheap whengiving away something.”

Another YouTuber also claimed that Rain is a stingy person, highlighting the story between Kim Tae-woo and Rain in the past.

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