Uzurocks office electricity and water reportedly cut off, Song Ji Hyo will never get paid?

Not paying Song Ji Hyo and its employees, Uzurocks is also leaving its office in Sinsa-dong

According to former Uzurocks employees, the electricity and water supply at the office building of Uzurocks in Sinsa-dong, Gangnam-gu has been cut due to unpaid bills. It is known that no employees are working in the Sinsa-dong office.

An insider said, “The building owner has requested the agency office to move out, so the Sinsadong office is likely to be removed soon”.

Song Ji-hyo

Even Director Kim, who had communicated with the media on behalf of Uzurocks management board, also filed a report regarding unpaid salaries to the Ministry of Employment and Labor against the agency.

If Uzurocks filed for the closure of the business, affiliated entertainers, actors and YouTube content creators, such as Song Ji Hyo, Ji Seok Jin, Lee Hyun Woo, Oh Man Seok, Bbaek Ga, and Kim Jong Min, may not be able to receive unpaid appearance fees.

Song Ji Hyo

Earlier in May, Song Ji Hyo sued Uzurocks at Seoul Central District Court to claim unpaid settlements. In addition, she also filed a complaint to the Gangnam Police Station against former Uzurocks CEO Jeon on charges of embezzlement.

In the complaint, Song Ji Hyo accused CEO Jeon of embezzling 1.2 billion won from the company’s funds. The actress claimed she should have received 900 million won from that amount as her appearance fees and salaries.

Source: Daum

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