Song Hye Kyo shared about her professional relationships with other actors and opened up about Song Joong Ki’s love for her

In an interview with VOGUE, Song Hye Kyo stated, "I'm not ambitious for things that aren't mine."

Vogue Korea just published an exclusive interview with Song Hye Kyo, the cover model for the September issue of the magazine, which is the most important issue of the year.

The article is titled: “Sunrise in Seoul and a new beginning of Song Hye Kyo.” Song Hye Kyo’s photo set was taken at 5 am on the roof of the building where Vogue is located.

The author spent a lot of time in the piece asking Song Hye Kyo about the projects she’s working on, including “Now, We’re Breaking Up,” which is supposed to be based on her divorce from Song Joong Ki.

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Vogue Global chose a unifying theme of “New Beginnings” for the September 2021 edition and in Korea, Song Hye Kyo is the “chosen one.” People are practically desperate for a “new beginning” in the current context when the entire globe is dealing with major issues such as pandemics and climate change.

Song Hye Kyo, commenting on the issue, saying, “Apparently, we are all in a pandemic situation, so what used to be a normal situation in the past is sad and difficult now. For example, the daily life of meeting up with friends and eating and chatting has become difficult. I hope that the things that have been difficult due to the pandemic will be a new beginning in small daily life again.”

To start the photoshoot with Vogue at 5 am, Song Hye Kyo had to get up from midnight to complete tasks such as hairdressing, wearing makeup, and dressing up. At 5 o’clock, when morning light just dawned in the sky of Seoul, Song Hye Kyo’s photoshoot began.

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And, interestingly, Song Hye Kyo’s favorite time of day is dawn.

“I can see the trees out of the window in my current house, but I can see the Han River from the house I used to live in. I often get up early to watch the sunrise, and I remember falling asleep on the sofa and then accidentally watching the sunrise because it was so beautiful that I gave up sleeping and kept looking. Perhaps that time is also the time to start a new day and the most peaceful time.”

Song Hye Kyo admitted that her soul was healed by nature. Therefore, she often posts pictures of flowers and landscapes such as blue sky and horizon on Instagram.

“Of course, I get a lot of comfort from nature. With the eyes, with the heart, with the smell, with the touch. I like to travel with nature, and I feel happy in that trip. Posting nature photos on Instagram is also a photo I took on my travels, but it is burdensome to constantly post my face on Instagram. (Laughs) No matter how much my face is…”

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In a question, the editor of Vogue mentioned Song Hye Kyo’s old statement that “in my 20s, I was envious and envious of seeing actors my age playing good characters. These days, that desire is gone. If it’s not mine, I naturally put it down.”

Recalling this issue, Song Hye Kyo said: “I’m still of the same mind. I am not greedy for things that are not mine. Even if I was greedy, things that were not mine did not become mine. So these days, I don’t feel more envious or envious than before. If I had to talk about the greedy part, I wanted to act in a new genre, and I did it. (laugh)”.

Although in her answer, Song Hye Kyo mentioned a lot of work, many people conjured up images of her everyday life, including her marriage to Song Joong Ki. Song Hye Kyo is a hard-working person who gives it her all in every role she takes on, but she isn’t the kind to try to win things that aren’t hers. Similarly, if Song Joong Ki’s love isn’t all hers, their breakup is quite reasonable.

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Song Hye Kyo also opened up about her friendships with fellow actors and industry professionals, including Kim Hee Sun Song Yoon Ah, Kim Hye Soo, Park Hyo Joo, etc.

“I have great seniors. It’s a blessing in my life. Always give me courage, love, and sometimes comfort and strength so that I can go in the right direction. I haven’t been able to express myself well in the meantime, but I really want to say thank you for giving me a lot of strength. Hyo Joo first met in 2004 in a drama called <Sunshine Pouring>. At the time, we were both too young and introverted so that we couldn’t talk much. Through this drama, we met again after almost 17 years, and from that time we met up until now, we seem to be talking non-stop.”

– Song Hye Kyo talks about her friendship with Park Hyo Joo.

Even though Park Hyo Joo is a year younger than her, Song Hye Kyo described her as an elder sister who gives her warm advice. Song Hye Kyo also said that she is a hard fan of Choi Hee Seo, the famous actress who starred in “Anarchist from Colony.” Choi Hee Seo, she stated, is a close “sister” to her.

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