This Korean actor in his 50s plays roles way younger than his actual age

There is a Korean actor who is in his 50s, yet perfectly portrays characters in their 30s, much younger than his age.

Actor Yoo Jun Sang made his debut in the 1999 film “Tell Me Something” and gained recognition and attention as a musical actor, who excelled in musical performances.

Yoo Jun sang

It was not until 2001 did Yoo Jun Sang finally get his breakthrough as a commercial actor with “Fox and the Cotton Candy”, where he portrayed an older bachelor and flaunted his romantic acting skills.

Since then, Yoo Jun Sang has been nailing leading roles and gaining recognition through various works. In the weekend drama “My Husband Got a Family”, the actor assumed the role of a humorous and friendly husband, even earning the title of “the nation’s husband and son-in-law”.

Yoo Jun sang

In addition, Yoo Jun Sang is known for his consistent self-management and is regarded as a representative “youthful actor” in the entertainment industry.

For the drama “The Uncanny Counter“, which achieved the highest ratings in OCN’s history, he had to portray an action hero and achieved a body fat percentage of 3%. In order to play this role, Yoo Jun Sang built up his stamina through Pilates and boxing, and surprised everyone by revealing that he only ate half a meal a day to control his diet.

Yoo Jun sang

Despite being 52 years old while starring in “The Uncanny Counter”, Yoo Jun Sang played a 39-year-old character, and effortlessly pulled off a character 13 years younger than his actual age, entering a second peak in his career.

Furthermore, Yoo Jun Sang also appeared in musicals alongside highlights Yang Yo Seob and SF9 Inseong. Through these appearances, the actor proved his youthful visuals and versatility, portraying characters who are the same age with his 20-years-younger friends. 

Yoo Jun sang

Currently, Yoo Jun Sang is participating in the 10th-anniversary performance of the representative Korean original musical “The Days”, which has received an explosive response.

He is also scheduled to appear in the new tvN weekend drama “The Uncanny Counter 2: Counter Punch”, which will premiere on July 29th. In this second season, the “counters” will gain new abilities and new members, as well as strive to defeat the worsening demons.

Yoo Jun sang

Here, Yoo Jun Sang, who successfully plays roles way younger than his actual age, is expected to once again deliver a satisfying performance as Ga Mo Tak.

Source: Daum

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