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NCT Doyoung revealed he never visited his brother, actor Gong Myung, in the military 

With just months left until actor Gong Myung’s dischargement, NCT member Doyoung mentioned his brother’s status.

On the February 6th episode of SBS POWER FM’s “Cultwo Show”, NCT 127 members Johnny, Taeyong, Doyoung, Jaehyun, and Haechan appeared as guests.

NCT 127, who recently made a comeback with “Ay-Yo”, drew attention by describing their latest titles with expressions such as “A song that feels strange at first, but will get people addicted to it later on”, and “It can be a little strange”. 

NCT 127 Cultwo Show

When DJ Kim Tae Gyun mentioned these, Doyoung invoked laughter by responding, “Maybe Czennies (a term for “fans of NCT”) who are listening to it will agree”.

On the same day, the topic of NCT member Jaehyun becoming the first Asian to be named Prada’s Global Main Campaign Model was also mentioned. Regarding this, Jaehyun said, “I really thought I should make good use of this opportunity.”

At the same time, the simple personality of Jaehyun was revealed, surprising people. In particular, Taeyong said, “There are shoes that Jaehyun has been wearing since he was a trainee. They are old enough to have a tombstone.”

NCT 127 Cultwo Show

Hearing this, DJ Kwak Beom asked an honest question of whether Jaehyun got sent clothes from the brand he models for. To this, Jaehyun replied, “There are things like that, and I also get some discounts.”

On the other hand, Johnny took people by surprise by saying that he took photos with celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay. He also unveiled the reason for such an unexpected encounter, saying, “There is a pizza restaurant run by Gordon Ramsay in the basement of our company building.”

NCT 127 Cultwo Show

Finally, Doyoung’s older brother, actor Gong Myung, was also mentioned. According to Doyoung, his brother will be discharged from his military service soon. 

“I’m very excited,” Doyoung said, adding, “I have never visited him, and I don’t have any plans to go. I wonder if it’s good if I go, and if his comrades are interested in me.”

“We are brothers, but we don’t have the same taste. On the contrary, Jaehyun and Johnny fit well”, Doyoung also said. 

Source: Daum

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