25000 fans choose the 25 most beautiful Kpop idols: Only 1 BLACKPINK member enters the top 10, a series of idols suddenly surpasses Tzuyu (TWICE)

The rankings of BLACKPINK members, Tzuyu, Irene (Red Velvet)… in this chart have surprised Kpop fans

Beauty charts are always a hot topic for fans. Recently, 25,000 fans participated in the poll on Ranker to find the most beautiful female idol in Kpop. The final results were published and attracted attention.

BLACKPINK members are famous for their outstanding beauty, but only Jisoo is in the top 10. Meanwhile, It Girl Jennie is only ranked 24th, behind many less famous idols. In particular, the Top1 position belongs to IU, but many of the names in the top are surprising, because Tzuyu (TWICE) is surpassed by a series of not-so-famous idols.

1. IU

No.1 of this chart belongs to IU – the name that is highly appreciated for both talent and beauty. “National little sister” owns a cute, sweet visual with soft lines, true to the taste of Korean netizens. Ever since her debut, IU has become more and more luxurious and gorgeous.


2. Jisoo (BLACKPINK)

Jisoo excellently took the runner-up position, surpassing many other big names. Since her debut, Jisoo’s visual has never let netizens down!

blackpink jisoo

3. Irene (Red Velvet)

Irene is always one of the most beautiful visuals in SM’s “flower garden”. The elegant, luxurious, and pretty visual of the leader of Red Velvet always impresses the public, even though she is involved in a serious attitude scandal.

Irene-Red Velvet

4. Joy (Red Velvet)

True to her stage name Joy, the female idol always radiates bright and positive energy. Joy’s smile, eyes and aura have a magical charm that makes fans unable to take their eyes off her. Joy‘s visual is the perfect mix of two concepts: deadly charm and fresh – energetic.

Red Velvet Joy

5. Solar (MAMAMOO)

Solar has a pretty face, but she has never been in the top of the most beautiful female idols in Kpop. Therefore, the appearance of the leader of MAMAMOO in the top 5 surprised many people. However, everyone has to admit that the female idol has a sharp face and attractive facial expression.


6. Sana (TWICE)

Not Tzuyu, Sana is the highest-ranked TWICE member. Sana is the fan-attractor of the group thanks to her both cute and sexy charisma.


7. Jihan (Weeekly)

The little-known female idol Jihan attracted attention when ranked in 7th place, surpassing many famous seniors. Although she has not been able to enter the top 4th generation Kpop visuals to compete with Karina (aespa), Jang Wonyoung (IVE) or Yuna (ITZY), the female idol born in 2004 is equally beautiful.

jihan weeekly

8. Choi Yena

Former IZ*ONE member Choi Yena also surprised netizens as she entered the top 8. Yena has never been a famous name thanks to her visuals, but the female idol born in 1999 attracts fans with her dynamic charisma and bright smile.

9. Soojin (Weeekly)

The members of the girl group Weekly constantly appear on the beauty charts even though the group has not had a strong foothold in the Kpop market. The center of the group – Soojin also followed in Jihan’s footsteps and entered the top 10. Soojin owns a cute face and pure smile.

Soojin Weeekly

10. YooA (Oh My Girl)

YooA has always been known as the Barbie doll of Kpop thanks to her surreal beauty and perfect body. The most prominent feature on YooA’s beautiful face is her sexy lips.

Oh My Girl YooA

11. Tzuyu (TWICE)

The female idol with the most beautiful face in the world – Tzuyu unexpectedly ranked behind many unremarkable names and stopped at number 11. However, Tzuyu is still one of the top 3rd generation Kpop visuals. She was also chosen as “the most beautiful face in the world”. The female idol born in 1999 was chosen as TWICE’s visual thanks to her elegant beauty, attractive charisma and perfect body.

twice tzuyu

The remaining positions on the chart:

  • 12. Bona (WJSN)
  • 13. Doyeon (Weki Meki)
  • 14. Yoon (STAYC)
  • 15. Momo (TWICE)
  • 16. Miyeon (G)I-DLE
  • 17. Heejin (LOONA)
  • 18. JinSoul (LOONA)
  • 19. Sihyeon (EVERGLOW)
  • 20. Chungha
  • 21. Yuna (ITZY)
  • 22. Isa (STAYC)
  • 23. Taeyeon (SNSD)
  • 24. Jennie (BLACKPINK)
  • 25. Ryujin (ITZY)
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