Penthouse 3: Spoilers about the fact that Oh Yoon Hee (Eugene) is still alive

Many audiences are expecting that Eugene will appear again in “Penthouse 3”

On August 24, a video titled “The news of Oh Yoon Hee’s survival revealed in an unexpected place! (ft. Penthouse News)” was uploaded on a Youtube channel called “Drama addition”.

This Youtube explained, “The place where Oh Yoon Hee shot the scene falling on the cliff is Mureung Byeolyoocheonji in Donghae City. On the Instagram account of Donghae City, it is stated that the last shooting of the movie was done on August 21, and these scenes were scheduled for episodes 13 and 14.”

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This Youtuber added to her prediction, saying, “Earlier, according to the photos of the actors’ signatures posted on Donghae City’s Instagram, the actors came here to film for 4 days from June 7 to June 10, and these scenes were scheduled for episode 4, 5 and 6. The post was uploaded on June 22, and the 4th episode of the movie was aired in June 25. The post of Donghae City came 3 days earlier than the date that the episode was broadcasted.”

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“This time, the first photo which was posted on Donghae City’s account was a picture of Oh Yoon Hee. And I believe this is to announce the appearance of Oh Yoon Hee. Even if she appears, it could be a flashback scene. However, I think it’s impossible to reenact the accident scene because the production would cost a lot. Therefore the scene where Oh Yoon Hee was missing has already been aired.”

This Youtuber also predicted that Oh Yoon Hee might appear at the ending of the 13th episode, and her scene will continue to the opening of episode 14. She said, “If you look at writer Sun Ok Kim’s previous work, you will realize that she has a clear principle of causality and always make the viewers doubt the death of the characters.” Therefore, there might be a high possibility that Oh Yoon Hee will reappear unexpectedly.

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