Park Shin-hye is pregnant with a boy?… “Hello Baby Boy”

Park Shin-hye’s status before marriage was revealed.

On Jan 29th, a video titled “January Vlog, A Year Starting With A Small But Definite Happiness” was uploaded on Uhm Ji-won’s YouTube channel “UhmTube Uhm Ji-won”.

In the video, Uhm Ji-won met Park Shin-hye at a private Chinese restaurant and received a wedding invitation. She announced her meeting with Park Shin-hye by the caption saying “I received Park Shin-hye’s wedding invitation that day. What a beautiful invitation!” She looked at the wedding invitation envelope and told Park Shin-hye, “The seal looks great!” Upon hearing this, Park Shin-hye proudly replied, “It’s pretty, isn’t it?”

In addition, Uhm Ji-won explained the course dishes she ate that day with the caption “First dish was abalone and mushroom porridge. It was so great to meet Shin-hye again and receive such good news. I always enjoy Peking Duck! Steak with dark soy sauce. Stone pot rice with shark’s fin soup”.

Park Shin-hye is pregnant with a boy

An event was also held to celebrate Park Shin-hye’s marriage and pregnancy. Uhm Ji-won and an acquaintance prepared balloons with affectionate phrases such as “Hello Baby Boy” and “Shin-hye bless u”. Then, they shouted “Congratulations” to Park Shin-hye one after another, exuding a warm atmosphere. In particular, it is speculated that Park Shin-hye is pregnant with a boy due to the phrase “Hello Baby Boy”.

Park Shin-hye is pregnant with a boy

Meanwhile, Park Shin-hye married actor Choi Tae-joon at a church in Seoul on Jan 22nd. They announced their marriage in November and drew attention by delivering news of pregnancy.

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