Park Jin-young Introduces Blue Dragon Awards Revenge Stage, “My Voice Was In Poor Condition Back Then”

Park Jin-young decided to take revenge after leaving an embarrassing stage at the Blue Dragon Film Awards

On December 5th, Park Jin-young shared on his SNS account a short video of KBS2’s “The Seasons: Long Day, Long Night with AKMU” broadcast with the caption, “I came back after taking good care of my voice. Please share this to let everyone watch the Blue Dragon Awards revenge stage”.

In the video, Park Jin-young said to the audience, “If someone asks you, ‘Hey, why did Park Jin-young sing like that during the Blue Dragon Award?’, just tell them, ‘Ya, his throat hurt at that time. He performed the same stage in ‘Long Day, Long Night with AKMU’ program. Go watch it again’. Please answer them like that”. Hearing that, AKMU burst into laughter, saying “Everyone, please tell others about that”.

In the released video, Park Jin-young once again performed the special stage he did at the beginning of the ‘44th Blue Dragon Film Awards’ Part 2 held on November 24th. In response to the performance of Park Jin-young, a singer with 30 years of experience, the audience applauded loudly.

As Park Jin-young summoned his own embarrassing moment and performed the stage again, fans also poured enthusiastic reactions, such as “Please share this video”, “To me, everything he does is cool”, “He’s so cool!!”, etc.

Earlier, Park Jin-young decorated the stage of the Blue Dragon Awards and danced with actress Kim Hye-soo to celebrate the last time she hosted the awards ceremony.

However, Park Jin-young’s voice condition that day was not good enough to sing the remix stage of “Sweet Dreams are made of teeth” and “When We Disco”. Seeing him struggle to complete the performance, the audience showed some awkward reactions.

Taking the stage to announce the winner of Best Film, actor Lee Sung-min said, “I came here after watching the first part of the awards ceremony at home. The expressions of all the actors here when Park Jin-young sang were captured on the screen. Everyone should watch it again”, drawing laughter.

Meanwhile, “The Seasons: Long Day, Long Night with AKMU” episode featuring Park Jin-young will air on KBS2 at 11:20 p.m. on December 8th.

Source: Nate

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