4 beautiful trainees that were close to be a piece of (G)I-DLE

(G)I-DLE, one of the toughest rookies of 2018, was close to have one of these talented trainees as a member of the group.

(G) I-DLE is Cube’s new girl group debuted 4 months ago. The Korean public said that no group deserved the “Rookie of the year” title more than (G)I-DLE did. The girls have only just released 2 songs so far but both have become hits as they have won in many music shows. Furthermore, each member of the group also has their own charms.

To form the current dream team, Cube has eliminated many potential and beautiful trainees, including the rumored girlfriend of BTS Jungkook.

Go Seo Hyun

Go Seo Hyun, who is a Cube’s longtime trainee, has a beautiful appearance and a bright facial feature. There are rumors that she was in the initial formation of (G) I-DLE but had to leave due to health reasons. At the moment, Seo Hyun has no plans to debut in a new group and it’s likely that she will choose the acting path instead of being an idol.

Go Seo Hyun was noted for being the rumored girlfriend of Jungkook. The intimate photo of the couple once made the Kpop fan community uneasy. In fact, Go Seo Hyun was a fellow school-mate with BTS’ maknae.

Lee Joo Hyun

She was born in 2004 and is one of Cube’s famous trainees. Lee Joo Hyun has a cute face and an excellent dancing ability, causing a fever in The Unit show.

Lee Joo Hyun once appeared in the music video of Pentagon. Many fans felt surprised when the female trainee did not debut with (G) I-DLE. In fact, she is too young, not suitable for the cool image of the group.

Kim Ji Woo

Kim Ji Woo appeared in the (G) I-DLE’s backstage video, but was not included in the official debut list. She was born in 1999 and is a potential visual with many similarities to Ji Soo (BLACKPINK).

After being eliminated from the debut list, Kim Ji Woo also terminated her contract with Cube.

Lee Youn Seo

Lee Youn Seo participated in “Produce 101” program with Jeon Seo Yeon, (G) I-DLE’s leader. She was expected to debut as a member of Cube’s new girl group, but unsuccessful in the end. Youn Seo has left Cube Entertainment as well.

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