Anti-fans are making up a story about Baekhyun and criticizing him for “Lack of knowledge of depression”

Anti-fans are making up a story about Byun Baekhyun and criticizing him for “Lack of knowledge of depression”, “making fun of depressed fan”…

This was an incident at EXO’s “Universe” fansign on 30 Dec when a fan asked Baekhyun about depression disorder. She had depression and asked Baekhyun for some advices as well as encouragement. BAEKHYUN DID ENCOURAGE THIS FAN AND SHE TRULY THANKED BAEKHYUN FOR THAT.
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However, after that, on 31 Dec, an anti-fan created an account whose name is very easy to be found out if people search for the keyword “Depression” in both English and Korean on Twitter.
BBH, you can’t understand anything about depression disorder” was what the account @BBH_Depression posted. This account also had a very daring Twitter bio.
This account re-uploaded the audio (which was listened to and confirmed to miss some sentences by the depressed fan mentioned above)
This audio was translated into English by another person who was not a member of EXO-L’s fandom.
After that, this person immediately deleted the translated Tweet, but it made Baekhyun’s fans as well as EXO-L extremely angry. Baekhyun’s fans and EXO-L claimed that the audio was not translated properly, even wrongly and it didn’t include Baekhyun’s advice part.
After that, this person deleted the Tweet and wrote an apology. Meanwhile, anti-fans used this content to provoke on purpose.

The truth:

At the fansign, a fan shared with Baekhyun about her depression situation and at the end, he said: “I don’t understand why people have depression or sleep deprivation….”.
According to the audio, may fans seemed to misunderstand him, and perhaps, he also thought that audiences would misunderstand his saying, so he added: “To me (which means that in his own opinion…)
Then, Baekhyun said that, when people were stuck in depression, the best solution was to find positive energies from their acquaintances and to remember that he (Baekhyun) was always beside them. He seemed to mean that he had never truly been depressed before, so he couldn’t understand exactly how it felt like – this totally didn’t mean that he was denying, criticizing, disparaging or underestimating this disorder. As he had never had depression before, he didn’t know what to do except for advising the depressed to be more positive and optimistic, and affirming that their friends, EXO and himself were always there for them. Finally, he hoped everyone would be able to smile always.
Many fans who were there also said that when they both were talking, what he said and shared were very clear and the fan felt totally comfortable to listen to his sharing.


In the audio re-uploaded by the anti-fan, the part Baekhyun said “Don’t let yourself be depressed!” was deleted. In short, as his purpose is to attack Baekhyun, he only left sayings which would make Baekhyun be easily criticized.
At the moment, a lot of people are criticizing Baekhyun for lacking of knowledge of depression disorder.
However, do you guys really understand about depression disorder if you yourselves haven’t been depressed before? Nobody except for the depressed can understand. It’s even hard for your close relatives or friends to recognize it. Do you expect him to answer this question as a real doctor at a fansign? When he gave advices to his fans, he was also criticized as “lack of knowledge of depression but still advise people”. So, what should he advise then?

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