Park Gyu-ri responds to illegal fan meeting transactions “Forcibly cancel”

KARA’s Park Gyu-ri issued a warning about illegal fan meeting transactions

On Dec 5th, Bigc Moment, the organizer of Park Gyu-ri’s fan meeting, posted a notice on SNS.

The organizer announced, “We identified reservations made for the purpose of illegal program use and malicious use (transfer, resale, etc.). We plan to forcibly cancel these reservations.”

Bigc Moment emphasized, “The responsibility for damages caused by tickets purchased through personal transactions, internet resale sites, and other unofficial channels lies with the parties involved in the transaction.

Park Gyu-ri

The organizer went on to say, “We do not assume responsibility for any disadvantages arising from this.” They urged people to purchase tickets through official channels.

They also provided information regarding canceled ticket reservations, stating, “The reopening of canceled tickets will be announced later.” They emphasized their commitment to ensuring fair ticket reservations.

Meanwhile, Park Gyu-ri will hold her year-end solo fan meeting “MIRI GYURISMAS” on Dec 9th at Ilchi Art Hall in Gangnam-gu, Seoul, creating unforgettable memories with fans.

Source: Dispatch

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