BLACKPINK Is Likely To Not Continue Group Activities After Lisa’s 19+ Show In Paris

Lisa, Jennie, Jisoo and Rosé might not be able to perform as BLACKPINK because YG owns the group’s trademark rights

According to Chosun Biz, there are various speculations regarding the future of BLACKPINK after their contracts with YG Entertainment ended in August. Among all the possibilities, it is highly likely that the four BLACKPINK members will sign with other companies.

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However, if the members don’t renew their contracts with YG, they won’t be able to use the group name BLACKPINK to perform. It is because YG is still holding BLACKPINK’s trademark rights.

This has happened to YG’s previous girl group 2NE1. After the members left the company, they could still reunite to perform but had to ask for permission to use the name 2NE1 for the performance.

In addition, some media outlets are guessing that BLACKPINK will leave YG and sign with The Black Label. Founded by YG’s producer Teddy Park, this music label has a partnership with YG. Due to the rumors of BLACKPINK members moving to The Black Label, many investors are reportedly pouring money into this music label “unconditionally”.


The Black Label was established in 2016 as a label under YG. At that time, YG held the biggest shares (45%) in this label but the rate has decreased significantly. As a result, many people now consider it a rival of YG.

All BLACKPINK members are doing individual activities and have not yet mentioned their contract issues or group projects after completing the world tour “BORN PINK”. While the media has continuously reported that Rosé was the only member who extended her contract, YG repeatedly refuted rumors and emphasized that they were still discussing the contract issue.

In addition, as Lisa has been carrying out activities without managers, such as her Crazy Horse nude show in France, and freely enjoying dates with her wealthy boyfriend, fans speculate that she is no longer restricted by any contract. Previously, Jennie even appeared in the 19+ drama “The Idol”. Considering the members’ recent moves, it seems like BLACKPINK will not continue as a group in the future.

Source: K14

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