Lee Min Ho surprises with his visuals that look so different from “Pachinko” trailer in a behind the scenes photo 

Lee Min Ho shows off his handsome visuals behind the scenes. 

By the end of this March, after a long break, Lee Min Ho will officially make a small screen comeback in a global project – Apple TV+’s original series “Pachinko”. The drama also stars “nation’s grandmother” Youn Yuh Jung, drawing high expectations. After the first still cuts and trailer for “Pachinko” were released, Lee Min Ho took the viewers by surprise with his new look. 

Pachinko” marks Lee Min Ho‘s first time playing a villain in his career. Therefore, no longer appearing with his common image of a dreamy male lead like in previous dramas, Lee Min Ho looks much more mature and intimidating in “Pachinko”. Lee Min Ho also seems to have put on weight for this role. 

Recently, a behind-the-scenes photo of the “Pachinko” cast was posted. Many netizens are surprised by how much younger and skinnier Lee Min Ho looks here compared to his visuals in the drama. Perhaps this photo was taken before “Pachinko” filming began. 

Lee Min Ho looks skinnier in this photo 

Pachinko” is expected to bring Lee Min Ho his next breakout role and show a totally different side of him as an actor after years of being said to always stick to the same image. In “Pachinko”, Lee Min Ho plays a married man who gets into an affair with a young woman, making her pregnant but unable to take responsibility.

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