Panty and low-rise fashion that is popular among K-pop female idols these days

Following (G)I-DLE’s Minnie, Choi Yena from IZ*ONE also showed off her sexy and unconventional fashion.

On January 12th, Choi Yena posted multiple photos on her Instagram. The photos show Choi Yena in various poses in her waiting room.

choi yena

Choi Yena was wearing a cropped sleeveless top and low-rise jeans, giving off her sexy charm while still being casual.

Low-rise is the opposite of high-waist and is a typical Y2K fashion where pants are worn between the belly button and the pelvis.

choi yena

Wearing her pants down, Choi Yena caught fans’ attention by revealing her underwear line and pubic bone. This unconventional fashion recently drew attention when Minnie (G)I-DLE also tried it.

Last month, Minnie also showed off her sexy low-rise fashion while performing ‘My Bag’ at (G)I-DLE’s VR concert ‘For NEVERLAND’.

gidle minnie

Most netizens responded, “It’s cool and overflowing with girl crush vibes,” but there were also negative opinions from the female community, claiming, “It doesn’t look like fashion. It is overexposure” and “I frown when looking at it”.

Source: Insight. 

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