(G)I-DLE Minnie embroiled in controversy for “underwear exposure” outfit

Minnie, a member of (G)I-DLE, is facing mixed responses over her sexy outfit in a recent concert. 

On December 31st, global VR company PICO released (G)I-DLE‘s VR concert “For NEVERLAND”. Audiences watching the concert can feel a vivid sense of realism through a 360-degree viewing angle that combines 180-degree live-action filming and 180-degree interactive zones, and can zoom in or out, even shake the lightstick, so that they can experience the concert as if it is happening right in front of their eyes.

gidle minnie

However, (G)I-DLE Minnie is embroiled in controversy for her stage outfit while performing the song “My Bag”. In particular, Minnie and her members Soyeon and Yuqi also flaunted sexy lowrise fashion, which shows their underwear hem.  Among them, Minnie’s pants went down almost below the pubic bone, revealing a large portion of her panty line and creating a “whale tail”, drawing attention from netizens. 

Low-rise and the whale tail are fashion looks that have been gaining attention since the return of Y2K as a trend. Bottom items that follow these styles often have hems that fall below the hip line. 

gidle minnie

As a result, Minnie’s unique outfit started to gain mixed attention from netizens, with some calling out the pants for its level of exposure and being “too low”. However, many defended the female idol, giving favorable responses by praising Minnie’s flat belly and commenting that the outfits match (G)I-DLE’s girl crush concept. 

Below are some comments from netizens: 

  • I really hate that style whether she wears it on stage or anywhere else… She’s just like Justin Bieber
  • How can she have no belly fat…?
  • Those kinds of clothes… So disgusting
  • They are making more controversies…
  • Pants that go down like that look absurd
  • It’s not Minnie’s fault, but why do her clothes look so weird these days? Those outfits don’t even look like clothes

Source: Pann Nate, wikitree

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