“One Dollar Lawyer” Vs. “The Golden Spoon”: After only 3 episodes, one side collapsed due to the other side’s overwhelming force

“One Dollar Lawyer” won against “The Golden Spoon” in the competition of Friday-Saturday dramas of the same broadcasting time.

The 3rd episode of “One Dollar Lawyer”, which aired on September 30th, achieved a nationwide viewer rating of 12.9%. This is a remarkable increase from 8.5% recorded in episode 2, which was aired last week.

On the other hand, episode 3 of “The Golden Spoon” recorded 5.5% in nationwide viewership. This is sadly a significant drop from the record of 7.4% set by last week’s broadcast (episode 2).

“One Dollar Lawyer” is a new drama that centers around Chun Ji-hoon (Nam Goong-min), a lawyer with the best skills who charges only 1000 won as his attorney’s fee and becomes a reliable lawyer for clients who don’t have a firm background.

“The Golden Spoon” tells the story of a poor boy changing his fate with a wealthy friend by using the golden spoon that he accidentally got. This series stars Yook Sung-jae and Jung Chae-yeon.

Source: wikitree

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