Nam Goong-min’s appearance with “One Dollar Lawyer” changed the game… Regaining first place after erasing the 1% rating humiliation of “Today’s Webtoon” 

Nam Goong-min’s comeback drama “One Dollar Lawyer” started off well with a high rating. 

Actor Nam Goong-min once again proved his name value with SBS’s new Friday-Saturday drama “One Dollar Lawyer”. Sweeping away the humiliation left by the previous work “Today’s Webtoon”, which ended with a poor rating in the range of 1%, Nam Goong-min’s power helped “One Dollar Lawyer” achieve an impressive viewer rating of 8.1% with the highest real-time peak of 10.6% and rank No.1 among dramas of the same broadcasting time. 

On the other hand, the new Friday-Saturday drama “The Golden Spoon” on MBC, which recently performed well in viewer ratings thanks to “Big Mouth”, recorded 5.4%, which is only half the rating of “Big Mouth” final episode. 


Nam Goong-min returned to SBS’s Friday-Saturday shows for the first time in two years since “Hot Stove League”. Known as a trustworthy actor, who guarantees successful works with his amazing acting skills and even received the Grand Prize two consecutive years for “Hot Stove League” (2020) and “The Veil” (2021), Nam Goong-min is raising fans’ high expectations even more.  

“One Dollar Lawyer”, which was recently introduced, eventually met this expectation by up to 200%. Nam Goong-min perfectly portrayed the weird lawyer Chun Ji-hoo, who appears with curly hair, a colorful checkered suit, and slick talks, and gave off a pleasant atmosphere. From losing weight to changing hairstyles and fashions, the actor’s considerations and suggestions for the image of his character worked well.

nam goong-min

From the first episode, Chun Ji-hoo quickly recovered 100 million won with only 1,000 won, and solved the case of a client who lost all his property to a private lender.  In addition, he applied for a jury trial and confidently presented a persuasive talk in front of the prosecutor to defend the client who was falsely accused of pickpocketing since this person used to get caught for committing a crime.  

Although many people expressed regrets when the press conference for “One Dollar Lawyer” was canceled as Nam Goong-min was confirmed to be infected with Covid-19, they still gave favorable reviews for the actor’s performance in the drama, which is enough to make them forget about that unpleasant event. 

Aired at the same broadcasting time, “The Golden Spoon”, on the other hand, failed to continue the momentum of “Big Mouth”. The recent episode showed the reality of Lee Seung-cheon (Yook Sung-jae) living in a “dirt spoon” family with a debt of 400 million won. Yook Sung-jae led the story with his stable acting skills in various ways, such as showing a pessimistic attitude toward his poverty as a person who is always busy working part-time but cannot earn enough and shedding tears when seeing the entire family of his friend face difficulties.

yook sung-jae

In addition, the fantasy setting of “if you go to the house of a same-age friend and eat with this spoon only three times, that friend’s parents will become yours” was added, making the viewers curious about the developments of the story. The grandmother, who appeared with the bead, reminded people of the drama “Goblin”.

However, the fact that most of the main character actors, including Yook Sung-jae, Jung Chae-yeon, and Yeon-woo, are idols, that they are dealing with teenagers’ stories about rich and poor, and that they believe in the grandmother too easily failed to gain public interest.

With “One Dollar Lawyer” and “The Golden Spoon” facing off in earnest, attention is focused on whether “One Dollar Lawyer” will continue to bring victory with Nam Goong-min’s power or whether Yook Sung-jae’s rebellion will unfold through the “The Golden Spoon”.

Source: Daum

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