Davichi Kang Min Kyung eventually confessed her family background due to her father’s fraud allegation, “She already cut contact with him”

Davichi member Kang Min Kyung revealed her position as her father and brother were recently sued for fraud.

Earlier on February 6th, SBS Entertainment News reported that Kang Min Kyung’s father and brother, who run a real estate development company together, were sued by 19 investors.

Investors recently filed a complaint, claiming that Kang Min Kyung’s father and brother deceived them to sign a real estate development contract of 1.2 billion won in 2017 by telling them that the two would develop the forest land in Gyeonggi Province within two years. At that time, Kang Min Kyung’s father reportedly made a verbal promise to “repurchase the investment or compensate by other land” but he failed to keep it.

kang min kyung

In response, Kang Min Kyung’s father claimed that it was a false accusation and filed a counterclaim. He also sued those who write defamation comments on his daughter’s Youtube channel or called her shopping mall.

Kang Min Kyung, who was recently embroiled in a controversy over underpaying staff, continues to be the center of attention due to her father and brother’s fraud allegation. As the issue intensified, she released an explanation through her agency and confessed her family background.

Kang Min-kyung

Kang Min Kyung’s agency WakeOne Entertainment stated, “Kang Min Kyung has experienced her father’s unsavory financial problems several times since she debuted at the age of 18. The singer, who has been suffering greatly from this, already cut her contact with her father and has never been involved in his father’s business.”

They emphasized, “We would like to inform you that Kang Min Kyung is not involved in any other business, including investment and development, except for her activities as a celebrity and Àvie muah, which she is currently registered as a CEO. Kang Min Kyung has nothing to do with the recent incident and she doesn’t know anything about it”.

Source: Daum

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