aespa Karina reveals the burden her biological sister feels being a celebrity’s family

Karina’s older sister hides the fact that they are siblings from her colleagues.

It’s natural for fans and the public to be curious about celebrities’ families. As for celebrities’ family members who are commoners, some enjoy the attention they receive, some refuse to be in the public eye. Many siblings of celebrities can be seen on TV often. Through their family, the more human and realistic side of celebrities is shown, which can draw sympathy. However, it can also be a double-edged sword. As much attention is paid to the family members, even their smallest actions can come under scrutiny and spark criticism.

aespa Karina

aespa’s Karina recently mentioned her biological sister in the latest episode of MBC’s reality TV show “The Manager”, which aired on July 9th. Karina, who was born in 2000, was asked by a staff member while getting her makeup done, “How do you know about Tamagotchi?” She answered, “I inherited it from my older sister.”

Karina continued, “Whenever I talk about my sister, I miss her.” She went on to reveal that her sister finds it burdensome to be related to an idol. She said, “Noone knows that I’m her younger sister at work yet. She doesn’t tell her co-workers that we are siblings. She keeps it a secret.”

Karina’s older sister is working at a hospital as a nurse. Karina is currently one of the most popular 4th gen female idols. The amount of attention paid to her is increasing day by day, so there is also great curiosity about her real sister.

aespa karina

The distance between celebrities and fans has narrowed by a lot in this day and age, especially in the case of idols and fans. K-pop is a world where idols and fans communicate more closely and personally.

However, a lot of Korean stars are still cautious about revealing their family. The majority of celebrity families hide their identities. IU’s younger brother is a prime example. In a broadcast last year, IU said, “He has lived his whole life keeping his sister a secret. He said he only talked (about him being related to me) to 4 or 5 people he was really close to. He kept it hidden well even in the military.”


Like Karina’s sister, IU‘s brother must have felt the burden of being a celebrity’s sibling. Celebrities’ families are ordinary people. Unwanted attention, unwarranted rumors, groundless nitpicking explain why they hide their identity. It is only celebrities, not their ordinary family members, who are making money from fame.

Source: Daum

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