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It’s a real situation…Oh My Girl Mimi, cannabis component detected in her hand during drug experiment

Oh My Girl Mimi was greatly bewildered when drug ingredients were detected in her hand.

SBS’ “Authorized Personnel Only”, which aired on Jan 19th, showed Mimi, singer Kim Jong Kook, broadcaster Yang Se Hyung and actor Lee Yi Kyung going to Incheon International Airport.

On this day, they visited Incheon Regional Customs’ Narcotics Investigation Division.

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Narcotics Investigation Division detects drugs in travelers’ luggage, special delivery and mail through expensive ion scanners. Each costs about 100 million won.

In the broadcast, Mimi had a chance to see and smell drugs.

She explained that cannabis smells like pepper and methamphetamine has no smell.

While they visited Narcotics Investigation Division, a real situation occurred in which a traveler’s luggage was checked with an ion scanner.

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Afterwards, in order to show the tremendous performance of the ion scanner, Mimi’s hand was examined after she touched a training cannabis bag.

Then a surprising result occurred. In fact, THC, the main component of cannabis, was detected in Mimi’s hand.

Oh My Girl Mimi

Mimi was bewildered. The other cast members were also very surprised when drug ingredients were detected even though she only touched the sealed envelope.

On the other hand, SBS’ “Authorized Personnel Only” is a program that unveils unknown stories by entering “No Access” areas where ordinary people cannot approach or look into them.

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