NewJeans Members Selected Their Own Furniture in Super Lavish Dorm?

The design team of NewJeans' lavish dorm has mentioned the process of Min Hee-jin and the member choosing the dorm's furniture.

Recently, Anderson C Design, the designer of NewJeans’ dorm, mentioned the process of designing the interior of the apartment. 

According to Anderson C Design, Min Hee-jin allows NewJeans members to select their own furniture, despite the fact that this costs a lot of time. Meanwhile, the CEO herself is responsible for the design of the living room and dining space. 

They spent around 3 hours to waltz around the showroom, looking, touching, experiencing, and chatting about furniture. Looking at the members who not only look but also ask questions and take selfies, I almost thought that they were students at class instead of K-pop idols shopping”, the design firm also revealed. 

Finally, the firm thanked Min Hee-jin and expressed their thoughts about how she treats the members, saying, “Looking at how CEO Min loves and wants NewJeans members to be more mature, we reflect on how to treat our own employees. We’d also like to thank CEO Min for her close discussion with the Anderson C team to create this precious space”. 

On the other hand, NewJeans’ dorm previously drew attention for being extremely lavish and overlooking the Han River – which likely means a hefty price tag.

Source: K Crush 

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