Singaporean Singer Targeted by Laser Attack During Concert, Fan’s Controversial Motive Revealed

Singaporean singer JJ Lin suffered visual impairment after a concert goer aimed a laser at him during a concert.

During JJ Lin’s concert held in Shanghai on August 19th, he became the victim of an extremely childish and hateful act by a spectator.

While JJ Lin was singing, a spectator directed a laser straight into his left eye. JJ Lin immediately lowered his head to avoid the laser. This incident was broadcast live on the concert’s large screen and was also recorded on video.

jj lin

JJ Lin’s eye turned red and slightly swollen due to the laser, visibly damaging it. In fact, lasers with more than 5 milliwatts of power can cause permanent eye damage within 10 seconds, making this a highly dangerous act.

After the concert, claiming to be a fan of Taiwanese singer Jay Chou, this spectator who directed a laser into JJ Lin’s eye wrote on social media, “I hope JJ Lin will go blind,” sparking heavy criticism from netizens.

jj lin concert

In addition, according to the perpetrator’s claim, they deliberately secured a front-row seat for JJ Lin’s concert and intended to bring a laser pen into the venue. Many fans questioned whether the perpetrator’s self-proclaimed identity as a Jay Chou’s fan was an attempt to incite conflict between JJ Lin and Jay Chou’s fans.

Source: Daum

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