Reason why NMIXX’s Lily is going to be JYP’s new ace vocalist 

Lily is full of potential for a main vocalist.

Recently, NMIXX, JYP Entertainment’s new girl group, has received a lot of attention from fans.  In the group, the member in charge of the main vocal position, Lily, is the most noticeable. She is familiar with JYP stans, and is highly appreciated for her musical talent.

Lily JYP
Lily is of interest to fans

Lily’s real name is Lily Jin Morrow, born on October 17, 2002.  She is a Korean Australian. Lily chose JYP after participating in KPOP Star and started her trainee days to become an idol.

nmixx lily
Lily has participated in a K-pop audition show since the age of 12
nmixx lily
She owned a huge fan base when she was still a trainee.

During the 7-year training period at JYP Entertainment, Lily received the most favor from the company, as she got to feature in many music projects of the artists of the same company. The female idol once featured in GOT7‘s song “If You Do”, sang many drama soundtracks and appeared on Stray Kids’ show (episode 1).

nmixx lily
Lily was well-treated by JYP Entertainment as she had many activities as a trainee.

In 2019, when JYP announced the plan to debut ITZY, Lily was rumored to be a part of the group because she had trained long and was experienced enough. However, in the end, ITZY ended up with a 5-member lineup consisting of Lia, Ryujin, Yuna, Yeji and Chaeryeong, making her fans extremely disappointed. At the time, many netizens accused Chaeryeong of stealing Lily’s debut because they thought her appearance and talent was not impressive.

Lily was rumored to be a part of ITZY. 
People believe that it was Chaeryeong who took away Lily’s debut. 

After ITZY debuted, Lily continued to be entangled in rumors of going solo. However, 2 years later, all information about her as well as the direction of her activities has not been officially revealed by JYP. This made fans worried and angry with the way the company worked.

It was not until the end of 2021 that Lily was announced to be a member of NMIXX, making fans extremely excited. In the group, Lily will take on the position of the main vocalist. With her talent and experience, she is sure to ace NMIXX’s vocal parts and expected to become an outstanding vocalist in the KPOP’s 4th generation.

Close-up of NMIXX’s 7 members 
NMIXX’s high-quality debut lineup. 
 Lily will be the main vocalist of the group.

However, not long after her debut, Lily was caught in a scandal of plagiarizing her senior’s style. Specifically, she was accused of copying Lisa (BLACKPINK)‘s style, from hairstyles and costumes.

Furthermore, many people criticized her for not adhering to JYP’s typical visual standards, claiming that her face lacked unique features. Some internet users thought that Lily was allowed to debut just to fill the vocal slot, in order to avoid the group being ridiculed for their poor singing abilities, as TWICE and ITZY had been. Many people, however, continue to defend the female idol because they feel she possesses sufficient talent and experience. 

lily lisa
Lily is accused of copying Lisa’s style

Lily is also rumored to be a golden-spoon kid. Specifically, she was taught to sing by her father from a young age, and her family allowed her to attend many expensive classes such as piano and ballet. Even when she went to school in Australia, Lily had her own band. Therefore, many people think that it is understandable that Lily had a lot of resources when she was a trainee.

nmixx lily
Many sources believe that Lily has a rich family background.

Besides, Lily also has a close relationship with seniors in the same company. She is close friends with Bangchan (Stray Kids) and young actress Ahn Yuna.

On February 22, 2022, NMIXX will officially debut with the debut single “Ad Mare“. However, because member Bae has just tested positive for Covid-19, the group’s debut showcase will be postponed, and the MV and album will still be released as scheduled. Currently, fans are extremely looking forward to the group’s music products and stages.

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