Hyuna And Dawn Express Affection For Each Other Despite Having Been Broken Up For 11 Months

Netizens admire Hyuna and Dawn’s supportive attitude towards each other after their breakup

They do everything except for dating again. Even after their breakup, they showed support for each other, posted pictures together, and even mentioned each other publicly on broadcasts. This is the ‘post-breakup’ story of singers Hyuna and Dawn.

Hyuna recently promoted the new song “Heart” by her ex-boyfriend Dawn. This is the second title track of Dawn’s new EP “Narcissus” and it features diverse synths, addictive drum sounds, and lyrics about not wanting to lose a lover.

When the music video of Dawn’s first title song “Star” was released two weeks ago, Hyuna also posted the link to the MV on her social media with the caption “The song is so good”. She then proved herself as a ‘promotional fairy’ by doing the same thing for “Heart”.

Hyuna and Dawn’s dating rumors arose in 2018 when they were working together in the mixed project group Triple H. At that time, their former agency CUBE Entertainment denied rumors of the two’s romantic relationship, but Hyuna publicized it herself, saying “I wanted to be honest”. It turned out that the two had been dating since 2016.

After that, CUBE decided to expel Hyuna and Dawn from the company, stating that they could no longer trust the two. The romance scandal broke out when Hyuna was already a senior singer who had been in the entertainment industry for a long time, but Dawn was in a different position. Many fans criticized Dawn, saying he caused such big trouble to his former group Pentagon.

Despite that, the two continued dating confidently and even attended various events together. After leaving CUBE, they joined Psy’s agency P Nation together, took care of each other as lovers and colleagues, and even released a duet album.

Last year, the couple made headlines with their proposal on SNS. Dawn posted “MARRY ME”, and Hyuna replied, “Of course, Yes”. Their customized rings also became a hot issue.

However, the two suddenly ended their romantic relationship amid netizens’ regrets. Hyuna announced their breakup after six years of dating in November last year. Both Hyuna and Dawn then left P Nation and walked different paths.

Even after their breakup, rumors of the two reuniting and dating again have been circulating online, but the two are still staying silent regarding this matter. It’s been 11 months since Hyuna and Dawn broke up but they don’t hesitate to support each other’s music releases and future activities, proving their long-lasting friendship.

hyuna dawn

When celebrities break up after an open relationship, they never mention the other and try to avoid each other as much as they can, but Hyuna and Dawn are different. The two have been caring for each other for a long time and they will continue supporting each other in the future in their own way.

Source: Daum

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