Netizens argue about whether SEVENTEEN has a really successful career or not

Some Korean Netizens cited the case of TWICE and Brave Girls to explain why they don’t feel that SEVENTEEN is really successful.

When it comes to the top male groups in Kpop today, besides BTS, many people will immediately think of names like SEVENTEEN, NCT,…. Over the years, they have gradually built up their foothold and have strong fan bases who are ready to support the members in all activities.  The clearest proof is that these boy groups continuously achieve millions of album sales achievements.

However, when discussing SEVENTEEN’s career, the Korean online community was constantly debating whether or not the HYBE boyband could be considered successful. In fact, in recent years, SEVENTEEN has consistently been rated as the boyband with the highest album sales in Kpop, trailing only BTS. This year alone, the 2 mini albums “Your Choice” (1.364 million copies) and “Attacca” (1.335 million copies) that SEVENTEEN released took the 2nd and 3rd place respectively on the chart of album with highest first-week sales in 2021 on Hanteo, only behind BTS’s “Butter”.  Besides, “Your Choice” and “Attacca” also hold the 5th and 6th positions in the list of the highest first-week sales in Hanteo history, and BTS is also the only boygroup with better achievement in this list. 


Of course, with all of these impressive accomplishments, SEVENTEEN fully deserves to be considered a successful group in the eyes of the fans. However, the majority of Korean audiences believe that good album sales do not indicate success. They believe that SEVENTEEN is still missing an extremely important component to demonstrate their success, which is digital music achievement. SEVENTEEN, like most other Kpop boybands, struggles with digital music achievements, as their songs rarely achieve tremendous success on Korea’s most popular digital charts.

To explain why many people still don’t feel that SEVENTEEN is succeeding even though they have always maintained the million-selling record in recent years, the Korean online community also cited two cases of TWICE and Brave Girls.  TWICE is currently having a very good album sales record in this comeback but their digital record is more disappointing than ever, and that’s why audiences consider TWICE’s latest comeback a failure.  Meanwhile, Brave Girls is not a strong girl group in terms of album sales, but because of the hit “Rollin‘”, many people agree to call them a successful girl group at the moment.

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