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Netizens are angry as Yulhee and Choi Min Hwan express concerns about spending 8 million won a month on their children’s education

While former Laboum member Yulhee and F.T. Island Choi Min Hwan complained of conflict over their children’s education, criticism from netizens is pouring out.

At the end of the Dec 2nd broadcast of Channel A’s “Dr. Oh’s Golden Clinic”, a trailer for next week’s broadcast, which will air on Dec 9th, was released.

In the trailer, Yulhee confessed, “The cost of education is 8 million won per month for three children. Doesn’t any mother want to give that to their children?

dr oh golden clinic

On the other hand, Choi Min Hwan said “I don’t understand that. Isn’t it too much to spend such an amount all at once?“, suggesting that they are in conflict because they have different parenting views.

After listening to the two’s story, Oh Eun Young told Yulhee that she was “projecting her own deficiency onto her children“.

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However, netizens who watched the trailer immediately began pouring out criticism.

Netizens expressed displeasure, “I shed tears of blood from the perspective of an ordinary person raising children“, “I feel a sense of separation” and “It’s not a story that can be sympathized with by the general public.

In particular, some people cast negative eyes at Yulhee, who declared her retirement from the broadcasting industry, saying, “I hope she won’t appear on TV shows anymore.

dr oh golden clinic

Yulhee (real name Kim Yul Hee), who was born in 1997 and is 26 years old this year, married Choi Min Hwan in October 2018. They have one son and two daughters.

After dating rumors with Choi Min Hwan in September 2017, she officially withdrew from Laboum in November of the same year. The agency said, “Yulhee informed the agency several times that she has no intention of continuing her activities in the entertainment industry.

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Afterwards, she officially returned to broadcasting through KBS2’s “Mr. House Husband” in December 2018, sparking controversy.

Source: Nate

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