NCT Jaehyun accused of “disrespecting” EXO Chanyeol over Prada contract 

Several fans of EXO Chanyeol are leaving harsh comments on NCT Jaehyun’s SNS and accusing him of “disrespecting” a senior. 

NCT Jaehyun was recently selected to become a major model for Prada’s 2023 Spring-Summer campaign. Immediately, news articles about this event started to be published. 

However, this has caused a major rift between fans of EXO Chanyeol and fans of NCT Jaehyun. In particular, the magazine Arena described Jaehyun as “the first ever Korean artist to participate in the main global campaign” of Prada, unlocking a new achievement in the history of the luxury brand, and Chinese fans of Chanyeol disagreed.  

jaehyun chanyeol
Several fans of EXO Chanyeol are “terrorizing” NCT Jaehyun’s SNS account 

In particular, these fans of Chanyeol left comments stating that Jaehyun “stole” a position that originally belonged to EXO Chanyeol, and that Chanyeol was supposed to be the first Korean artist that was featured in a Prada’s main global campaign. However, this was a decision made by the luxury brand and the media alone, and NCT Jaehyun should not have any hand in this. Meanwhile, Chanyeol was selected as an ambassador for Prada back in September 2020, but his contract has ended years before Jaehyun’s campaign appearance. 

nct jaehyun prada
nct jaehyun prada
A controversial article described NCT Jaehyun as “the first ever Korean artist to participate in the main global campaign” of Prada.

As a result, Chanyeol fans started to flood the Instagram account of NCT Jaehyun with comments such as “How can you not respect your senior?”, “Are your fans not going to apologize to Chanyeol?”, “How can you not control your fans?, “You and your fandom don’t deserve to live in this world”, and “How did you even become an idol? How did your fans turn out like that…”.

nct jaehyun prada

Eventually, the situation got in such a serious state, spurring rumors that NCT Jaehyun disrespected EXO Chanyeol. Meanwhile, Chanyeol also received harsh criticisms from other netizens, despite both idols not doing anything controversial. 

exo chanyeol
NCT Jaehyun and EXO Chanyeol are both affected by the actions of their fans 

In the end, a post was published on the Korean forum theqoo about the situation, leading to Chanyeol fans being buried in criticisms. Netizens here leave comments such as, “Go do this to to Prada directly instead, those Chanyeol fans are barking up the wrong tree. Though it is not like Prada is wrong either”, “Are those fans gangsters?”, and “Isn’t it fully Prada’s decision to switch their models?”. 

chanyeol jaehyun
Netizens started to criticize Chanyeol’s fans and even Chanyeol himself.

On the other hand, Chanyeol’s fans are revealing their own point of view, claiming that it has actually been Jaehyun’s fans that messed with their idols first, even to the point of sending insulting Instagram DMs to the male idol. Their actions were only in retaliation, in hope that Jaehyun will control his fans, they said.

Source: pannchoa, theqoo, Weibo

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