Girl Group TRI.BE Pays Tribute to Late Producer Shinsadong Tiger on Music Show Stage 

TRI.BE expressed condolences to their producer Shinsadong Tiger with the comeback single "Diamond" 

On February 25th, TRI.BE performed their fourth single “Diamond” on SBS ‘Inkigayo’. Dressed in black outfits with white ribbons, TRI.BE conveyed their mourning for Shinsadong Tiger. 

Especially in the afternoon of the same day, amidst Shinsadong Tiger’s funeral, the members performing on the stage in remembrance added more heartfelt emotions.


The day before, on MBC’s ‘Show! Music Core’, TRI.BE also appeared on stage with white ribbons. The emotion conveyed by the new song is filled with messages of comfort and hope as if reciting a spell to uplift oneself.

At the end of the performance, during a close-up shot of member Songsun making a heart with her hand, her seemingly choked-up expression touched fans’ hearts. 

Reowned producer Shinsadong Tiger passed away on February 23rd. The agency conveyed their condolences, “The members of TRI.BE, who have been working alongside Shinsadong Tiger until now, are in a state of deep shock and sadness.”

However, as “Diamond” was the last single prepared and released by the deceased during his lifetime with TRI.BE, they announced plans to continue their new song activities to honor him.

The agency said, “We will do our best to ensure that the last song by Shindadong Tiger shines brightly, so we ask for your encouragement and support. TRI.BE members will always do their best to heal their hearts as soon as possible while continuing their activities.”

Accordingly, despite the pain and sadness of mourning the passing of Shinsadong Tiger, TRI.BE members showed a more vigorous and energetic appearance on stage than ever before.

In response to his sudden news, countless colleagues and fans are expressing their condolences to the late Shinsadong Tiger.

Source: naver

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